STD Testing for Men

STD testing for men is a medical screening procedure that determines if a male has contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

An HIV test is an example of a specific STD testing available for men and women. Men who are engaged in unprotected sex with multiple partners should think about availing of an HIV test, regardless of whether symptoms of HIV or AIDS appear. HIV tests can be conducted through blood screening test for HIV, the results of which can be determined in a laboratory. A positive result would require the afflicted person to start medication for HIV and be advised of how to prevent the spreading of his HIV infection.

STD symptoms in men

Common symptoms of STDs in men outside of HIV/AIDS are the existence of sores in the genitals, a discharge from the penis, itching, and a burning sensation during urination. These symptoms would require you to seek medical attention and be subjected to STD testing for men to determine what medication is right for the specific sexually transmitted disease he has acquired.

Test for gonorrhea

STD testing for men other than an HIV test can be conducted in a health clinic that will require a patient to provide a urine sample for gonorrhea symptoms. A gram stain test required by a doctor would require the patient to provide a sample of the liquid discharge from the end of you penis using a swab. Early treatment for gonorrhea is required to avoid complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease or infection in the testicles from developing.

Herpes test

A herpes test for determining genital herpes makes use of a swab to collect a sample of fluid from a blister in the penis or around the penis. The sample will be sent to the laboratory to trace if the patient suffers from herpes simplex virus.

Syphilis test

A syphilis test would require a doctor or nurse to examine your penis, foreskin and urethra. A blood test for syphilis is required after the examination. The results of the blood test would be available in 7 to 10 days. If sores are present, a swab is used to obtain a fluid sample from the sore. The fluid sample is observed under a microscope in a laboratory.

STD testing for men are meant to be straightforward and confidential to prevent the patient from being embarrassed. Health practitioners in clinics are trained to explain to you how the STD tests are to be conducted without judging you but instead make you feel comfortable. It is also important to give all the pertinent details needed such as the last time you had unprotected sex, and the symptoms that you have observed recently after the unprotected sex.

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