Latest Genital Herpes Treatments

We know that there are oral, and topical medications to help with genital herpes. There’s even diet, exercise, and stress management changes you can make that may help. But, what else will be available, if anything to help people cope with or prevent contraction of genital herpes? Researchers are trying to find more effective treatments for genital herpes. Some are even trying to find a cure. Let’s take a look at genital herpes in the news:

A new herbal treatment is being tested, and may help with the treatment of genital herpes. It’s called Prunella vulgaris, a perennial plant that has been used for a wide variety of ailments, including high blood pressure. The studies showed that guinea pigs infected with an experimental form of genital herpes and treated with the cream derived from the plant had less sores.

A vaccination for genital herpes is not yet available, but may be in the future. In 2002, SmithKline Beecham uncovered that they had created a vaccine that was doing well in clinical trials. There were a few problems with it, though. It helped prevent genital herpes in women, but didn’t work on men. It also was not effective on women who had been infected with oral herpes. The company hopes to provide this vaccine to women, as a way to cut down on the occurrence of the infection.

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